Welcome to networking-dpm’s documentation!

This project provides the OpenStack Neutron mechanism driver and L2 agent for the PR/SM hypervisor of IBM z Systems and IBM LinuxOne machines that are in the DPM (Dynamic Partition Manager) administrative mode.

The DPM mode enables dynamic capabilities of the firmware-based PR/SM hypervisor that are usually known from software-based hypervisors, such as creation, deletion and modification of partitions (i.e. virtual machines) and virtual devices within these partitions, and dynamic assignment of these virtual devices to physical I/O adapters.

The Neutron mechanism driver and L2 agent for DPM components are needed on OpenStack compute nodes for DPM, along with the Nova virtualization driver for DPM.

For details about OpenStack for DPM, see the documentation of the nova-dpm OpenStack project.

Contributing to the project